Favorite Sessions from E4 2014

Below are some of our favorite sessions from last years Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo (E4) conference.

My PX Goes to 11 by Kerry Osborne & Chris Wones

This session provides a case study detailing the implementation of extreme parallelism in a very large DW environment. The system was implemented on a RAC cluster hosted on 2 Exadata X3-8’s. The application provides in-depth analysis for product performance and shopping behaviors to the retail industry. This presentation combines the business case with the technical hurdles that had to be overcome in order to enable the system to work. One of the biggest challenges was the decision/requirement to not do any pre-aggregation of data, meaning that every report had to hit the raw data. Exadata provided the perfect platform allowing the power of SQL to be applied but still allowing a large portion of the work to be pushed down to the data.

Exadata vs. Teradata in the Healthcare Industry by Tim Fox

This session will recap a Proof of Concept (POC) where 40TB database was migrated from Teradata to Exadata so that a head to head comparison could be done. The application at the center of the test was Epic’s Clarity Data Warehouse which is in use at many, large healthcare organizations in the US. We will discuss the following aspects of this test: architecture comparison, data migration/conversion of 40TB, test execution and recording results and unique challenges with very large databases. The results of this POC are truly staggering. To find out who won, and by how much, come to this session. This is a “must see.”

E4 2015

Fill the Glass – New Webinar Series by Cary Millsap

PhotoAccenture Enkitec Group is excited to announce a new webinar series hosted by Cary Millsap. Find details below on the series and the first webinar featuring Karen Morton.

PhotoCary Millsap is a developer, teacher, writer, and consultant who has been a part of the Oracle ecosystem since 1989. His new webinar series about Oracle and related technologies is going to be little different than the usual hello-slide-show-Q&A-bye routine. These shows are going to include conversation. Our aim is to bring the technology to life. Our guests will of course talk about the problems they’re solving and how they solve them, but our conversations will include discussions about their ideas, their motives, their tools, …even their careers. Cary likes to find the twist, a way of perceiving a situation that you might not have thought of. Join us to learn, improve your career, and have some fun.


PhotoEpisode 1: SQL Performance Problem Seek & Destroy (Mostly Destroy) with Karen Morton

It’s usually not difficult to find SQL that is performing poorly. The hard part is what to do with a bad SQL statement once you have it. In this session, Karen Morton will show you a simple method that is reliable and repeatable for solving any problem SQL statement you might encounter.


DB12c Adaptive Optimization by Kerry Osborne

Summary: One of the most interesting new features of the Oracle Database Optimizer is the ability to recognize its own mistakes and use execution statistics to automatically improve execution plans. Oracle calls this "Adaptive Optimization" and this … [Continue reading]

Enkitec Awarded Oracle Excellence Awards- Energy/Utilities & Financial Services

Enkitec has established a global reputation with its customers by building and sustaining advanced technology environments. “Companies in these sectors have complex technology requirements well-suited for Oracle's sophisticated solutions. We have b … [Continue reading]

Reducing downtime using incremental backups and X-Platform TTS, presented by Martin Bach

A little known MOS note describes how you can potentially reduce downtime by a significant amount when migrating databases between systems with different endianness. Many sites are looking for ways to move their databases from big-endian platforms … [Continue reading]

Enkitec at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Oracle PartnerNetwork's Joel Borellis with Martin Paynter discussing Oracle Exadata for financial services. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy0mwvaJUlo&feature=youtube_gdata_player   … [Continue reading]

Hadoop Architecture vs. Exadata Architecture

Watch Kerry Osborne compare and contrast Hadoop and Exadata Architecture from his E4 2012 presentation "Hadoop Meets Exadata." http://vimeo.com/65149611 … [Continue reading]

Tanel Poder’s Hacking Session: How Oracle SQL Plans Are Really Executed – Part 2

Here's the Part 2 of the Oracle SQL plan execution hacking session (Part 1 is here)! We'll use a bit of DTracing to peek inside an Oracle SQL plan execution, plus some other random experiments. You can download the qer_trace.sh script from … [Continue reading]

Tanel Poder’s Hacking Session: How Oracle SQL Plans Are Really Executed – Part 1

This is the Part 1 of the hacking session I delivered live. In this part we'll talk mostly about how an application talks to the database session when wanting to execute a query (tracing OPI calls, fetch operations etc). In the Part 2 (which I … [Continue reading]

E4 2012 – A Look Back at our First E4 (Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo)

Here is a compilation from E4 2012 featuring all presenters and abstract titles. http://vimeo.com/58133630 E4 2013 is already shaping up to be a great educational experience as well. Here is a short list of Exadata experts who have already … [Continue reading]