Oracle Hacking Session with Tanel Poder from OakTableWorld (Oct 2012 in San Francisco)

I delivered a live Oracle hacking session at OakTableWorld in San Francisco two weeks ago and here’s the video (Thanks to Kyle Hailey & co)!

Note that this was a hacking session deliberately aimed to be fun and “hackerish” rather than useful. Do not try this in your production databases!!! :-)

The title is “Lots of undocumented, unknown and unnecessary features in Oracle!”

You can watch it here:

Note that there are more videos available on OakTableWorld website (and probably more will show up soon!)

Enjoy! :-)


  1. You do realize, that once you say something like “don’t try this on your production system”, you make it extremely difficult to resist!

    Since I don’t have a test system, I’ll have to try really, really hard!

    • I know, I know :-) Snapper is always gonna be safer than some ORADEBUG EVENT… the session crash today was due to an unluckily timed CTRL+C very likely. So GV$ views are safe … relatively, there were bugs in with V$SQL_PLAN which caused a hang but haven’t heard much bad lately. (X$KSMSP is the most dangerous one of X$s)


  1. […] recorded. At the moment only a selection are available on the site and Tanel’s is available here. Hopefully more will be edited and made available in due […]

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