Fill the Glass Episode 2: The Oracle Exadata Database Machine and the Wunderschön Wonders of Smart Scan

FilltheGlass 12-18-14

PhotoPhotoCary Millsap welcomes Enkitec engineered system specialist Martin Bach in episode 2 of Fill the Glass. Martin will guide us in this information-packed hour through a tour of the extensive collection of Oracle Exadata internal technologies commonly called Smart Scan. Martin will demonstrate the positive differences that Smart Scan can make, show how it works, and give you a peek under the hood at how everything is instrumented. And as always, Cary and Martin will discuss your questions along the way.

What is “Fill the Glass”? This new webinar series is about Oracle and related technologies. It is a little different than the usual hello-slide-show-Q&A-bye routine. These shows include conversation. Our aim is to bring the technology to life. Our guests of course talk about the problems they’re solving and how they solve them, but our conversations include discussions about their ideas, their motives, their tools, …even their careers. Cary likes to find the twist, a way of perceiving a situation that you might not have thought of. Join us to learn, improve your career, and have some fun. See Episode 1 with Karen Morton here.