Fill the Glass Episode 3: Toon Koppelaars and the notion of moving application logic into the Database

Cary Millsap welcomes Toon Koppelaars to Episode 3 of Fill the Glass webinar series. Toon is an “old school” relational database professional. He’s convinced the relational model of data is here to stay, and has co-authored a book on this very topic titled “Applied Mathematics for Database Professionals” (Apress, 2007).

Next to being a relational dude, he’s also a long-time Oracle user. During his career he has worked in both developer (Pro*C, SQLForms, JDeveloper, Apex), as well as DBA roles (Oracle version 4 upwards). At the beginning of this millenium he authored the infamous “” blog, as a response to the trend, ignited by the arrival of Java and the JEE architecture, to move all application-logic out of the DBMS (away from PLSQL) and into Java “du-jour” frameworks. Currently Toon is a member of Oracle’s Real-World Performance team, where he troubleshoots performance issues most commonly caused by the aforementioned trend.