Reducing downtime using incremental backups and X-Platform TTS, presented by Martin Bach

A little known MOS note describes how you can potentially reduce downtime by a significant amount when migrating databases between systems with different endianness. Many sites are looking for ways to move their databases from big-endian platforms such as HP-UX, AIX or Solaris/SPARC to an Exadata system running Linux. In this webinar, Martin Bach will explain how implementing a cross-platform incremental backup in conjunction with cross-platform transportable tablespaces makes this possible.

Enkitec at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Oracle PartnerNetwork’s Joel Borellis with Martin Paynter discussing Oracle Exadata for financial services.


Hadoop Architecture vs. Exadata Architecture

Watch Kerry Osborne compare and contrast Hadoop and Exadata Architecture from his E4 2012 presentation “Hadoop Meets Exadata.”

Tanel Poder’s Hacking Session: How Oracle SQL Plans Are Really Executed – Part 2

Here’s the Part 2 of the Oracle SQL plan execution hacking session (Part 1 is here)!

We’ll use a bit of DTracing to peek inside an Oracle SQL plan execution, plus some other random experiments. You can download the script from here. Note that this is not a “How to use DTrace” webinar, you have to learn DTrace yourself to understand (or enhance) this script.


Tanel Poder’s Hacking Session: How Oracle SQL Plans Are Really Executed – Part 1

This is the Part 1 of the hacking session I delivered live.

In this part we’ll talk mostly about how an application talks to the database session when wanting to execute a query (tracing OPI calls, fetch operations etc).

In the Part 2 (which I will upload soon) we’ll drill down inside an execution plan then.


E4 2012 – A Look Back at our First E4 (Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo)

Here is a compilation from E4 2012 featuring all presenters and abstract titles.

E4 2013 is already shaping up to be a great educational experience as well. Here is a short list of Exadata experts who have already committed to present:

Tom Kyte: Keynote
Maria Colgan
Andy Colvin
Karen Morton
Tyler Muth
Kerry Osborne
Tanel  Põder
Ferhat Sengonul

Call for Papers is currently OPEN – click HERE to submit an abstract.
Deadline: April 30, 2013

What Karen Morton says is different about tuning SQL on Exadata…

Here is the link to set up a user account at Enkitec and download Karen’s presentation deck from E42012:

Tanel Poder’s Exadata Snapper Hacking session videos

Exadata Snapper (also called ExaSnapper or ExaSnap) is a new tool by Tanel Poder, which allows to “peek” into some SQL Execution-related cell metrics without leaving the Oracle database session / sqlplus prompt. The current version 0.7 is a beta version and will likely be much improved and changed once it reaches v1.0.

The tool itself will be downloadable from (will update this post once it’s there).

Here are the videos, split into 3 parts:

  • Part 1 – Introduction
  • Part 2 – Smart Scan and IO activity in the cell
  • Part 3 – Advanced Metrics and Q&A

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 – Smart Scan and IO activity in the cell

Part 3 – Advanced Metrics and Q&A

Snapper V4 BETA launch video

Here’s the video of Snapper v4.0 beta “launch party”. I have fixed most of the bugs you see in this video :)

You can get the latest Snapper v4 BETA from here:

Please save it with “Save as…”, not copy & paste to an editor, as some editors tend to mess up large pasted content.

Oracle Hacking Session with Tanel Poder from OakTableWorld (Oct 2012 in San Francisco)

I delivered a live Oracle hacking session at OakTableWorld in San Francisco two weeks ago and here’s the video (Thanks to Kyle Hailey & co)!

Note that this was a hacking session deliberately aimed to be fun and “hackerish” rather than useful. Do not try this in your production databases!!! :-)

The title is “Lots of undocumented, unknown and unnecessary features in Oracle!”

You can watch it here:

Note that there are more videos available on OakTableWorld website (and probably more will show up soon!)

Enjoy! :-)